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We have developed the first continuous flow-electrode capacitive deionization (FCDI) system

Desalination is not only about producing fresh water, but also about recovering valuable salts. As global resources become increasingly scarce, salt recovery is becoming more and more important. Amovion has set itself the goal of closing the material cycles of salt and water using the flow-electrode capacitive deionization (FCDI) process. FCDI is an innovative electrochemical technology for ion-water separation with a high water recovery rate and can be operated entirely with renewable energy. It is resistant to fouling and scaling, even at high salinity, and is the only technology to date that has been proven to achieve a high concentration ratio and high ion selectivity in a single step. The patented technology has been demonstrated for a wide range of ions (e.g. chloride, nitrate, lithium) and salinity levels and successfully tested in various applications: from water purification to salt metathesis and salt recycling. Amovion's versatile modules enable simultaneous, continuous and selective ion removal and concentration.

Our patented modules enable the continuous (removal) transport of ions and produce fresh water and concentrate according to requirements


In our patented FCDI module, salt ions are removed from a stream of water using an electric field. The key to the continuous process are the flow electrodes: these consist of activated carbon particles that are electrically charged. As soon as this happens, the positively charged cations adsorb on the large, porous surface of the particles and are transported away.

But the aim of Amovion is more than just the removal of salts from water! In order to be able to recover the salts for industrial processes, the cations must desorb from the particles again. In our symmetrically designed module, this happens in the lower channel. The activated carbon particles are discharged and the cations move into the concentrate flow in the electric field. This is also where the negatively charged anions are found, which are transported via the ion exchange membrane in the middle of the module.

At the outlet of the module, freshly discharged activated carbon particles are again available to absorb new ions and a desalinated water flow and a concentrate are generated.

Since our launch in 2014, we have published several scientific articles in prestigious journals and applied for two patents. 

If you would like to find out more about the technology and the research behind it, please take a look at our published scientific articles:

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